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Monday, April 6, 2009

Today's homeschooling experience

The boys left an hour ago for a field trip with their "grandparents", so we didn't get our full day in, but that is okay. It was good.

We started the day out with worship. I read the devotional while they ate breakfast. We got up a bit late (my fault) so I let them multitask. ;-) By the time worship was over, they were almost done with their breakfasts, so we went to the desks in the dining room and sat down. I let them finish their breakfast while I read Matthew 26 for Bible class. By the time I was done reading, they were both done with their breakfast. At which point we discussed the reading and answered a few questions.

And the day continued from there. Some classes take one child longer to do, while other classes take the other child longer to do. Which is part of the reason I am glad we chose to homeschool. Yes, we have a daily schedule, but it's just a base to begin with. They can take as long as they need (as long as they are concentrating). So if one child gets one class done in 15 minutes, they can take a break for a bit and then get started on the enxt class while the other child takes his time on the class. They don't have to be doing the same class at the same time. I AM a woman, I CAN multi-task. ;-)

We basically got done with the main classes by 11am, so we sat and read a chapter out of The Magician's Nephew by C.S. Lewis, until my parents got there to pick them up.

All in all, it was a good first day of school. We had a few issues, but they were things I figured would come up (attention deficit), and we'll work through them as we go along.