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Monday, November 30, 2009

Hello again

I know. It's been awhile. Again. I'm sorry if anybody has been waiting in anticipation for my posts. lol

We start our new official school year on January 4. I decided a January - December school year would better suit us. We won't be taking any lengthy breaks, like a 12 week long summer break, but there will be random breaks throughout the year. Of course, I do still have to discuss this with their Dad so we can work out visitation. But even six weeks break is too much for them to take. They get completely out of the swing of things. Two weeks at a time, tops.

Our method is still going to be pretty eclectic. I'm going through the calendar and looking for holidays I might like to do unit studies on, and then doing a search for such unit studies online. Both of my boys are pretty kinesthetic in their learning (though one is auditory kinesthetic and the other is visual kinesthetic), so I am going to try to have as much learning AWAY FROM the desk as possible. Some subjects it won't be that possible, like Math or Grammar. But the rest of the learning we can do away from a desk, hands on kinds of things.

I'm also going to be searching for an affordable (read: FREE) way to test them to get more details on their learning styles. As much information as possible to help them succeed.

We're going to be using CIMT for our Math curriculum, and Scott Foresman for our Grammar curriculum. Any other curriculum is going to be pretty random.