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Monday, April 27, 2009


I hope no one is overly interested in my lesson plans, because I can't guarantee they'll be posted any time soon. I've been really slacking in the organization department. And while some of you might try to tell me to just relax and not worry about it, what you don't understand is that I HAVE to be organized in some aspects of my life or I feel like it's falling apart. And this would be one of those areas.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder at it's worst.

The next few weeks will probably be rather slow for this blog. We're coming up on what would be my daughter's six month birthday had she lived, and what is my first Mother's Day without her. And try as I might to not let it get me too down, depression slips in when you least expect it and takes over. Which is probably why my organization is slacking.

I'll be slowly updating the Archive blog to this one, probably doing one subject at a time for each week I'm behind in it. So it'll be a while before it's fully updated, but I'll get there. Slowly. Not like my lesson plans are intensive anyway, lol. You could probably do a better job than me anyway.

I'm still rearranging the schedule. I've already changed the schedule from doing History and Science every other day, to doing History for two weeks then Science for two weeks. But in doing Ancient Egypt, I came to realize that two weeks just isn't long enough for some topics. My boys were very interested in the pyramids, and two weeks didn't give us near enough time to cover all they wanted to know. So I may just relax on that part of the schedule and instead of setting a length of time limit, I'll just let the topic take us where it wants to go. If that means going a full month or month and a half on one topic in the same subject, then so be it. Whatever it takes for my boys to enjoy learning.

So far, so good.

Now we're doing Science. Earthquakes, to be more specific. I'm struggling to find GOOD quality information on Earthquakes that will interest them enough to pay attention. We got some books from the library today, but I question how interesting they really are. And my boys seem to learn better by having visual AND audio combined, which means videos. And the DVD's at the library I wanted to get were either grabbed before we got to them, or are located at another library in the county. I put in requests for them, but sometimes they can take as long as 10 days or more to get to my library. We'll just have to wait and see, I guess. In the meantime, there's always YouTube.