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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hello, October. We've missed you.

I'm really trying to learn how to take things in stride. Some days it's okay, some days not so much.

On Tuesday we did Home Ec in the form of going grocery shopping. Threw a little Mathematics in with it. Didn't get much of anything else done.

On Wednesday we did Home Ec in the form of housekeeping and learning how to correctly wash dishes (so they get clean). Nothing else got done.

Now, given how our Bible studies go, we have Thursday and Friday to get Tuesday and Wednesdays studies done. Thursday is a half day because that's the day they go to their Dad's in the middle of the week, and I'm just hoping that Friday he'll be willing to bring them home in the morning instead of at lunch. I'll probably send their copywork with them Thursday so they can at least get SOMETHING done Thursday evening to catch up with Tuesday and Wednesday.

So many schools are temporarily closing because so many people are sick. Of course people are speculating H1N1, but it's not confirmed yet. We had one school here where 75% of the student population was sick all at once. My kids have yet to get the flu. They started getting colds, but those went away faster than they appeared. I'm glad my kids aren't AT school. They'd probably be at home anyway.