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Monday, August 10, 2009

Welcome To the First Day of School!

Which started 1 1/2 hours later than planned. lol

I was up so late last night getting things printed out that I couldn't get up with my alarm clock this morning. So I slept in. So did the boys.

It's not really a BIG problem with the schedule, considering the subjects we're doing before I go to work because they are the ones the boys need the most attention on really aren't that many. Math, Grammar, and Science (Tuesdays and Thursdays will add Social Studies). Handwriting, Vocabulary, the second part of Bible, and Spanish copywork they don't need me around to do and will do that while I am working. When I come home I'll take them to the park for 30-45 minutes, then come home and "grade" their papers. Or take their papers with me and grade them while the boys play. Yeah, that sounds good.

And by "grading" I mean go over and make sure it was done correctly and if it wasn't, it gets re-done the next day. I don't do "grades" on the work just yet. Right now our grading system simply consists of words of affirmation. The Dollar Tree stores in the area sell positive reinforcement stickers....Good Job! A+! Well Done! Those kinds of things. I just feel at these ages that method of grading is better than your typical letter or percentage grading. We'll start doing that in grade 7.

They've finished Math, and only needed a little bit of help. Now they are doing Grammar. I think when they're done with Grammar I'm going to have them go outside and run around for 20 minutes or so.

So even with the late start we are doing rather well as far as time goes. And the boys aren't complaining yet.