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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Can I share with you?

As I set up my curriculum, as I write lesson plans, as I get all things needed for the homeschool success of my own children, I'm prompted to share the rich resources I have that are all FREE!

Yes, that's right....FREE!

Free is a good word in today's economy, is it not? I certainly enjoy that word. And you might be surprised just how much you can find online that is FREE, you just have to know how to search for it. And it's all public domain, so as long as you have internet access, you have access to these free materials. It would just be wrong of me to NOT share it with you.

So as I continue compiling information for my homeschooling studies, I am going to pass it along to you. Not ALL of it will be free, because no matter how free the curriculum is, sometimes you will just have to purchase something. But where I can, I will also provide you with links to the stuff that does need to be purchased where it can be purchased for LARGE discounts.

So if you're a homeschooling parent who just seems stuck or doesn't know how to find what you're looking for (or even don't know that you CAN find loads of free stuff), take a gander at the right side of my blog. You'll find links being added on almost a daily basis (at least until I've exhausted all of MY resources, and until I find MORE resources). I've divided them by subject to make it a little easier to find. Some links you may find in more than one category. All of them will be as free or low-cost as I could find. Some of them may not be low-cost, but are still resources that I believe to be high-quality.

I also create my own files to be used for organization which I will be attempting to place online as well, and when I do I will be more than happy to share those files with you for your own homeschool organization success. You'll even be able to find the daily schedule we use for homeschooling.

You will soon also be able to find links to email groups that are or may be helpful. Mostly it will be only the homeschool email groups I belong to, but occasionally, if I've heard of a good email group I don't belong to (because let's face it, I'm a working mother who homeschools...I don't have a lot of time for reading emails lol), I'll link that one for you as well. If you haven't already, I'd suggest joining at least one of them (some of them are curriculum-based support groups). You will need the support and ideas of other homeschoolers.

So take a look. At this very moment, there isn't a lot over there. It was an idea that presented itself within the last hour. But keep checking in, you'll find more and more as the days go by.