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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oh dear. **EDIT**

Well, I think it's safe to say the novelty has already worn off. I'm not being nearly as organized this week as I was (or as I should be). And I am highly unmotivated. Do you ever go through feelings like that while homeschooling?

Maybe it's because of the sun shining outside and the warmth. Yesterday we only did a couple hours of classes. Today we got three classes done in less than two hours. And we're done. We're not done because we got it all done, we're done because I neglected to create lesson plans for this week for a couple of classes and therefore I have no idea what to do beyond what we've already done for those classes.

Serious laziness has abounded this week.

Maybe it's because I am Mommy, and being a Mommy also means I am female. And we all know what THAT means.

But *shrugs* At least we got the most important subjects done...Bible, Math, and English/Grammar.

I sent the kids outside at 9am and told them to play outside while the temperature is still acceptable. Christopher came in 20 minutes later, washes up, and comes to sit down in his desk chair and tells me he is ready to learn some more. And while there is no more learning planned for today, it warms my heart that he WANTS to learn, as opposed to the way he was before when he couldn't get far enough away from a textbook.

This is our third week of homeschooling, and I would already call it a brilliant success.

Me: Since we've got so much done today and still have lots of time, why don't we do tomorrow's work today so we can have a free day tomorrow.

Chris: No, that's okay. I kinda like doing the work.

Mikey: Christopher likes to do the work.

Me: Since when?

Chris: Since homeschooling.

Me: Ok, who are YOU, and what have you done with MY children?