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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ooh boy!

I'm not sure I'm cut out for the lapbooking thing. We're trying, and it has potential to be a good choice, but I'm not a scrap-booking kind of person unless the format is already laid out for me. I'm not doing such a good job at figuring out what to add to the WWII lapbook. I think this lapbooking thing works best for those who ARE scrapbooking type people. I'm not giving up on it, because it HAS caused the homeschooling to be a bit more laid back and not all rushy-rush.

They've been watching videos, that they seem to be enjoying (and I've told them that if the videos get too much to let me know and we'll turn it off...which they did when watching one about a Jewish man returning home after WWII to Germany, it got a little too detailed on the details of what the Jews went through...more than what my kids were ready to handle). Next week we'll be talking about the Japanese side of WWII, which they seem to be more excited about, but only for the Pearl Harbor aspects. Not sure why, but whatever. I think it might have something to do with the planes and the boats, because that seems to be where they got most excited on the German side of WWII. We'll see.

I do know that they're acting out battles when they play outside. Which causes me to PRAY that we get to Heaven before either one of them are old enough to join the military...or be drafted. Micheal already feels drawn to the recruiting centers every time we pass one. And he loves camoflauge...he'd wear it to church if he could. Of course, it doesn't help that the only games Mike really plays on his XBox are military type games.

So a month or so ago I put in a request to the Freecycle networks for an overhead projector. I figured it would be easier than trying to use the dry-erase board to teach lessons. I didn't get the overhead, but someone responded to me telling me they had a slide projector and some slides I could have if I wanted them. So I told her sure. Well, last week she finally made it into town and brought them with her. I finally got them organized onto a shelf. There's something for just about everything in there. From Health and Wellness to History to Science. We finally figured out how to load the projector. We'll be using it probably weekly for quite a while, especially considering that each specific topic has about three or four different slide shows to go with it.