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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How do you do it?

How do you keep from stringing them up by their toenails? Or taping them to the wall with duct tape?

How do you keep from banging your own head against the wall day after day?

I know they're boys. I know they're kids. I get that. And young boys have the nature of ADHD, whether they HAVE ADHD or not.

Some days I can handle this. Other days (like today), not so much.

And this time it's not just Micheal. This time it's Christopher, too.

Neither one of them is concentrating on themselves. When one of them needs help with a problem, the other one has to sit there and watch. As if that weren't bad enough, the one doing the watching chuckles at the one needing the help if the question is something the one doing the watching already knows and apparently thinks that everyone should know it.

And then there's the ever present "I don't understand the question" (the question being [fill in the missing number] 1500-____=500)...FROM MY 4TH/5TH GRADER....after having done these sorts of equations for AT LEAST the last three weeks and could do them practically with his eyes shut from the start.

And it seems we have all of a sudden forgotten how to do basic addition. 2+2 is confounding today and in order to solve that problem one absolutely MUST use a calculator.

Does sunshine cause the brain to malfunction? Something like....Sunshine Alzheimers? Because that's what it looks like is going on here. The sun comes out and all of a sudden everything is forgotten.

And it doesn't help them any that Mommy is having an especially OCD sort of day and everything must be done precisely as planned in exactly the manner planned. Yes, I have OCD. Sometimes it's a problem, sometimes it's not. Some days I'm normal (ha ha) and spontaneous and fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants, but some days (like today) I'm very by-the-book scheduled. When it comes to housecleaning, it's great. When it comes to homeschooling...not so much.