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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Common misconception of homeschooled children

So I was reading a blog about a mom who took her young daughter to the zoo and they ran into a family of seven kids. All of them were very well behaved, as opposed (apparently) to this woman's children.

They were homeschooled children.

One of her commentors asked if homeschooled children are typically better behaved because they have no social life.

Why do people STILL think that homeschooling means no social life? And did it NOT occur to them that having that social life that school provides isn't necessarily a GOOD thing?

In school, you have dozens of kids, all with different personalities. Many of those kids are horribly bad influences, and young children don't understand about peer pressure and don't know how to ignore it. And you can't find a school that DOESN'T have kids like that. It doesn't exist. What is the problem of homeschooling your kids and taking them away from those negative influences until such a time that they have learned what peer pressure is and that they CAN ignore it?

And it doesn't mean they don't have a social life, anyway. These days, there are SO MANY homeschool communities that have regular field trips. And since homeschooled children DO tend to be better behaved, then when you get together with those other homeschooling families, your kids are surrounded by POSITIVE influences instead of NEGATIVE influences. They're not being socially deprived, and they're being surrounded by positive influences.

Contrary to popular belief, kids don't need to be around other kids all the time in order to have a social life. It is actually better that kids are NOT around other kids all the time. They learn better because they're not competing and not being made to feel like an idiot because they can't keep up with the next kid in their class. It's BEST when they have one or two in a classroom
(homeschooling) while they learn, and develop their social skills by getting together with other kids their age once a week or twice a month. Having them around their peers all the time only teaches them how to fight and deceive to get what they want. Is that REALLY the social life you want your child to have?

Sure, there ARE some homeschooled children who don't develop much of a social life outside of their family, but those are truly fewer and farther between than most people know. They only think that's the norm for homeschoolers because those are the only homeschoolers they hear about. But if they were to truly look into it, they'd realize that more often than not, homeschoolers are just as well socialized as schooled children.