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Monday, August 24, 2009

Back in the swing of things?

We begin week three of our homeschool year tomorrow. Forget about the first DAY being stressful. Forget about the second WEEK marking the beginning of the year getting better and more organized. Here we are about to start week three and I'm STILL finding myself completely disorganized.

The funny thing is, it's mostly additional stuff that's got me going crazy. Not getting the stuff for the kids READY, because printing out the Math and Grammar stuff from CIMT (Math) and Scott Foresman (Grammar) takes all of 10 minutes.

Oh no. It's the going through the unit study and creating the list of books I need to get for the NEXT week of homeschool. Finding all of the books we've used for the PREVIOUS weeks of homeschool that need to be returned....two days ago. It's the going through the experiments books to determine which experiments to use and compile a list of the things we'll need, only to find out we don't have enough of the items to make the experiment work AND we don't have the money to purchase said items.

I need to get more organized, though. Like NOW. Especially since week seven of Creation will be coming up VERY quickly (if the last two weeks is any indicator) and I have something VERY special planned for that entire week because of the significance of the seventh day of Creation. Basically what THAT boils down to is we're no longer going to be Sabbath KEEPING Christians....we are going to be Sabbath CELEBRATING Christians.

My friend Kimberly recently bought a calendar from FlyLady. I'm thinking about purchasing it myself. It'll probably have to wait a few paychecks, especially since I have my eye on a laminator I really want to get. I'm debating it, though. I tend to do better with planner/organizer type calendars rather than wall calendars. I'm going to have to do some shopping around. I need one with LOTS of writing space.

I also need to invest in a LARGE calendar for the boys to use. Hang it on the refrigerator or something and mark each day with what needs to be done. That way I don't have to type it out every day. That gets rather tedious.