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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The ignorance of anti-homeschoolers

I came across an article yesterday written by a woman who is EXTREMELY anti-homeschooling. The problem with her views is that she is completely ignorant about homeschooling, and only based her opinion on common misconceptions of homeschoolers, or on a random few homeschoolers she knows.

Here is the article.

She also has a blog here at blogspot. She provided the link in the comments in the article. Being the ever curious person I am, I checked it out. It's basically the article, only in more detail. MUCH more detail. Much more IGNORANT detail.

Here is the blog, if you feel like reading it and inserting your own two cents about the subject...or her ignorance.

I am just thoroughly disgusted at her ignorance and lack of understanding. I can't even compile my thoughts about her into an editorial because I am so angered by her ignorance my thoughts may come out as expletives. I have no patience for people who refuse to actually educate themselves on a subject before writing an article about that subject.