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Friday, April 17, 2009

Another day, and a beautiful gift

Last night I started a project to use for our Bible classes next week. Since the boys struggle with being able to find Scripture because they don't know where to find the various books of the Bible (with the exception of Genesis and Revelation), I decided we are going to spend the next two weeks going over the books of the Bible in order, beginning with the Old Testament.

So I started looking things up, found a good lesson plan that covers both Old and New Testaments. So I split them into two lessons. Then I started thinking about what would be the best way to teach them so they can retain the information. So I put in a request for information regarding free Books of the Bible songs that can be found on the internet, because the ones I was finding ....well, they just wouldn't work.

So my friend Kimberly said she has a children's cd with Books of the Bible songs, and she burned it for me. And it has JUST the song that I wanted! And the song that helps me when I have a brain fart and can't remember where to find Hosea or Hebrews.

Then, I started looking for crafts or other projects that we could use for hands on learning. I found a visual aid of a bookshelf with the books of the Bible divided into categories. I printed it out and grabbed a poster board, pencil, and ruler, and started on the project while my shows were on. I didn't get to bed until 4am because it took FIVE HOURS to draw the silly thing!!

It took three more hours today to color it. But it's done. For the Old Testament anyway. Wednesday I have to start on next week's for the New Testament.

Before completion


I'm so glad to be done with it! It was HARD WORK! The bookshelf itself didn't turn out like I had hoped, but I was never good at shading. But otherwise, I think I did a pretty good job, if I do say so myself.

I also got all the lesson plans for next week done. I've decided that for the Histories and Sciences, we're going to do a two-week schedule for them. Two weeks for World History, two weeks for American History, two weeks for Earth Science, and two weeks for....(I call it) Natural Science (because I can't think of what it would REALLY be called, lol). They'll all be done during the same period, but if we break it down into two week increments, we won't be as pressed to get it all done. So third period the first two weeks will be World; third period the next two weeks will be Earth; third period for weeks five and six will be American; and third period for weeks seven and eight will be Natural. That gives us longer to focus on the topic, too.

Like this week we've had Egypt for World History. Cramming it into four days is just not feasible. They don't learn anything. So I decided to extend it and we'll be doing Egypt again next week. Then in two weeks we'll be doing Volcanoes, and we'll take two weeks to study those so they can learn about volcanoes, what makes them, where they're located, famous volcanoes throughout history. i just think it'll be better that way.

Homeschooling is getting better. I've joined a couple of sites that send out homeschooling freebies (like e-books and the like), which makes things easier. Loads of sites that have worksheets for various subjects. And now that I know exactly where to look and exactly how to search, it's getting easier.

Oh my goodness! You HAVE to listen to this video! She is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! And it's nice to see Simon Cowell in awe. She gets ridiculed before she sings, but OH MY GOODNESS!!! She's AMAZING! I can't embed it, so here is the link Britian's Got Talent. You won't regret it. I promise.

What did I tell you? Was I right or was I RIGHT?