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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Preparing a Creation Unit Study

HO BOY! I just spent the better portion of the last six hours looking through our library's catalog looking for items to use for a Creation Unit Study. Next on the list....finding time to get to the library and go through all the resources to determine if they are truly usable for the unit study.

I even found science experiments for most of them, too. Experiments involving light (1st Day), atmosphere (1st Day), weather (2nd Day), water cycle (2nd Day), soil (3rd Day), ocean (3rd Day), the moon (4th Day), stars (4th Day), birds (5th Day), humans (6th Day). Whomever said that homeschoolers don't have enough resources available to them obviously never looked for them.

I also found a few places to go for field trips, as well as a listing of a Summer meteor shower. I think the meteor shower will be occurring during the week we will be studying Day 3 of Creation, but that is okay. Nobody said it had to be done during the appropriate week. It'd be a good way to lead them into Day 4 of Creation.

I also found books about Sabbath, resources on calendars throughout the ages (to show that today's Saturday is accurately the historical Creation Sabbath), Bible studies explaining how Sabbath is still to be THE Day of Rest as commissioned in the Bible (in case you haven't realized it yet, we are Bible Sabbath-keeping homeschoolers), as well as historical observations on how and why most Christians observe Sunday, special activities to do to prepare for Sabbath, as well as special activities to prepare for the close of the Sabbath.

I also have books and articles and videos discussing a literal 7-day Creation, books and videos describing how Creation and Science complement each other, and that microevolution IS Biblical.

Basically, I have at my fingertips an ARSENAL of information just WAITING to be studied. I'll post links to everything as soon as I get it all organized and decide exactly what I'm going to be using. I have so many resources documented right now that if I don't narrow it down, it will definitely be longer than a seven week unit study.

Now I need to purchase notebooks for journalling, art pads, and scrapbooks for our modified lapbooks. But I have until the beginning of August to get everything together, so I have time. As for the library items...I'll be getting three weeks worth of curriculum at a time. I'll get the first three weeks at once, then when I'm done with week one I'll take that back and get week four. When I'm done with week two I'll take that back and get week five. And so on. If I could figure out which items check out for how long, I could probably get more at a time and just renew them. Most items you can renew twice, and each renewal is another 21 days. So essentially I could have one book for 63 days. But not all items are like that, and I'm still new to this library system here so I haven't figured out those details yet.