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Promise Academy

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Welcome to Promise Academy!

I decided to put a name to our home school so it sounds more official. Our school name is now Promise Academy. When the boys get home I'm going to have to each design their own coat of arms for the school with some web pages I printed off, then we'll create it in Paint and PhotoPlus and then we'll figure out some way to decide which one will be our school Coat of Arms. THEN we're going to pick our school colors and mascot. I'm pretty sure I already know what the school colors are going to be....red and yellow (their two favorite colors). As for mascot, I wouldn't be surprised if they chose something like a monkey (because I'm always calling them monkeys) or a lizard (don't ask).

The way I see it is MOST schools have those things. And since we really don't know how long we'll be doing this (I'll do it through high school if I can...IF I can), we might as well make it official and fun.

I'm making a web page. A web page dedicated to unit studies. It's a work in progress, and only updated with a new unit study when I'm going to DO a new unit study, so it's kinda slow going. But I have such a hard time finding GOOD unit study information online for the topics I want to do a unit study on that I decided to just figure out the unit study on my own. At which point I also decided that I would provide a free service for those in my predicament also.

Oh sure, there is LOTS of information on the internet about unit studies. But the GOOD ones have to be ordered. And you have to have money to order them. Which I don't.SO, I decided our first unit study when the boys get back from Doug's at the beginning of August will be Creation. And I've spent the last week gathering information from the library on each day of Creation. Then I spent some time correlating subjects like Social Studies/History with the unit study. And now I am creating the web page. If you want to take a look, here it is....Promise Academy.

The Coat of Arms you'll see on the page is the one I created and only there temporarily until we get an official one chosen. And if that one is the one that is chosen I'm going to try to edit it a bit so you can't see the wings THROUGH the shield. It took forever to create that one though...lots of tracing and pasting...so it'll probably take some time.